Microsoft Office is among the most popular and extensively used programs globally. This amazing office program suit contains some of the most useful applications like the MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Outlook, etc. These applications are used widely for all kind of office works like preparing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, work management, email management and hence serve as the center point of office works. MS Office Suit has been offering great service to the users since part two decades and have been immensely successful. Office works will look unimaginable without these applications as they have brought great ease and convenience to our lives. Either it is the preparation of a wide variety of documents, or managing a big spreadsheet, or even preparation of beautiful, eye catchy presentations which hold the viewer’s imagination, everything gets simplified with the use of these applications. Not only these applications give great tools to make your work more presentable but they also give you hundreds of pre -defined formats which simplify your work greatly. MS Office has been an application which hasn’t got a capable competitor till date even though many are envious of its success. Its MS Outlook has been among the most favourite desktop email client of the professionals as it not only simplifies the process of keeping all your professional emails at one place but also gives you amazing features like the facility to access stored emails offline, managing contact lists, scheduler, etc.

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MS Office is a great program which makes work easier and helps in doing office work fast and efficiently. However, as any software program it can also face technical and security issues if not handled properly. Some simple tricks to use the program can even make your experience better.

  • Always keep your MS Office program up to date. The security patches released by Microsoft help your program to avoid any kind of security vulnerability and hence you can get enhanced security from cyber criminals
  • If you are getting too many MS Office attachments on emails from unknown sources which ask you to enable macros to view them then always avoid doing so. Malware can be planted through them in your system
  • Use one drive for better access to your files anywhere without the need of carrying them with your everywhere. You can access your one drive through your Microsoft account
  • The predefined templates in the MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint help you in doing your work fast and effectively. You can use them for making the standard documents of your choice
  • Using keyboard shortcuts for MS Office programs can help you greatly in maximizing the efficiency of your work. They shortcuts remove the unnecessary time consumed in shifting hands from keyboard to mouse

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Common MS Office problems faced by the users:

  • Facing problems in installing the MS Office program
  • On reinstalling the program getting invalid key error
  • Not able to update your program regularly
  • The program is giving frequent errors
  • The program has started to crash abruptly
  • Frequently the program gets unresponsive
  • Not able to open email attachments
  • The program giving Visual basic error
  • Facing other technical issues in using the MS Office program

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